Chocolate Chip Cookie Socks Fresh Out the Oven!

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The chocolate chip cookie socks have been one of our most popular sellers at SockAndShop, your home for crazy socks, novelty socks, and custom socks

Today, we'll take some time to talk about these fantastic socks and how they came to be. 

I was recently talking with a customer about our gummy bear socks. She was saying how much she loved them and thought it'd be great if we produced additional "snack" type of socks. 

At the time, we had been great focused on creating wedding socks and different athletic socks, such as softball socks and lacrosse socks. 

Regardless, we thought it was a great idea, and wanted to get on creating more snack socks as soon as possible.

The first design we put together was the chocolate chip cookie socks.

We took actual photos of chocolate chip cookies fresh out out of oven, and our graphic designer Lina managed to place them on the socks to maximize the amount of cookie shown when worn.  

These socks have been particularly popular as gifts for children, though we've had plenty of adults purchase them both for themselves and as gifts for friends or relatives. These socks also make excellent stockings during the holiday season. 

Some customers have gotten creative and chosen to purchase these socks as gifts, and then stuffed the socks with actual chocolate chip cookies wrapped up in a bag. 

Customizing Your Crew Socks

For those interested in customizing the chocolate chip cookie socks, feel free to send us a message with the design you would like. Our professional graphic designer Lina will put together a high quality design and we only print once you approve of the design. 

A few different designs our customers have done with chocolate chip cookies involve putting someone name on a cookie and having it repeated on the sock. Another customer purchased a pair for a niece who loves to bake, with a photo of cookies and her niece's face on the socks. 

The options for custom socks are endless. 

We can use real photo's or graphically designed photo's. We can also do custom socks with any color other than white. 

We also encourage you to read our 5 star Etsy reviews!


About Our Crazy Socks


We offer 100% polyester department store quality crew socks that feel comfortable and can be worn for a variety of occasions. They are also padded at the bottom, so if they are worn for extended periods of time, your feet will remain comfortable.

We have customers who have worn our socks in professional environments, weddings, casual wear, and even as athletic socks for sports such as basketball, lacrosse, softball, baseball, and more.

Our socks are also designed to fit both youth and adults. 


Ordering Your Chocolate Chip Cookie Socks

Alright so you're excited about chocolate chip cookie socks and can't wait to get some! The good news is, ordering is easy! Your chocolate chip cookie socks can be ordered directly below. Be sure to take advantage of any promotions we are currently running! 


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