Custom Sock Design 1/25/19

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We created countless amounts of custom socks every week, and today we'll take a few moments to share a few of those custom designs. 

For those new to SockAndShop, we can create virtually any type of custom socks design. We can print photo's, either the full photo or crop the photo, text, patterns, and a combination of the three. 


Quality Defined

We offer premium printing that results in the socks printing identical to the original product image with every little detail included.

This includes our custom socks and crazy socks, such as beer socks, pugs in space socks, galaxy socks, usa american flag socks, and more. 

See for yourself below!


socks, crew socks, mens socks, womens socks


The custom designs we chose today include custom pet socks and custom face socks. These are very popular as birthday gifts, gag gifts, holiday presents, graduation presents and more!


Custom Design 1:


Design one was a fairly straight forward design. We received a photo of a dog, and were asked to place the full body on grey socks. Generally with pet socks, we print either the full body or the head. The head tends to be more popular, but when there's a great full body shot, it always prints well. 


Below is the photo of the happy dog

socks, socks for men, socks for women, crew socks



Below is the sock design:

Socks, socks for men, socks for women, crew socks


We chose the particular pattern above as it allows for the greatest print. With pet socks, we typically have 4 main design options.

Above is design 1, design 2 has both faces repeated next to each other, design 3 has the face covering the entire sock, and design 4 is a face or fully body like above, but also includes bones and paws. 



Custom Design 2


Below is the photo of the young girl for the face socks

socks, crew socks, socks for men, socks for women



Below is the final sock design. 

socks, socks for men, socks for women, crew socks

What we thought came out very well with this design was we were able to include her hair and keep each face very defined, rather than all of them blending in to one another as can happen with face socks. 


Contact Us Today About Your Order

To get started on your custom sock order, whether a pet sock, face sock, groomsmen socks, corporate socks, sports team socks, or any other type of custom sock, we have you covered!

We always pay close attention to detail and ensure the best possible quality print on our comfortable socks. 

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